who sings the road runner theme song

I'm like the roadrunner I got the AM used to get in the car and just drive up and down Route 128 and the Turnpike. (. CBS combined The Road Runner Show with The Bugs Bunny Show in 1968 to create The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Hour. (Radio On!)

(Radio On!)

(, Wile E. trying to whack Road Runner while riding a skateboard with a sail, but then ends up falling down a canyon. Jonathan Richman saw the Velvet Underground multiple times when they played in Boston, and this song’s two-chord structure is directly ripped from the song Sister Ray.

Stephen King quoted a verse of the song to introduce one of the chapters of his novel Christine.

“Roadrunner” mainly uses two chords (D and A, and only two brief uses of E) rather than “Sister Ray”’s three (which are G, F, and C), but they share the same persistent throbbing rhythm, and lyrics which in performance were largely improvised around a central theme. It helps me from being alone late at night

The title card music used in each segment is a cut-short version of the 1964-1967 Looney Tunes theme music by Bill Lava as heard during the DePatie-Freleng era.
Road Runner, if he catches you, you're through! Critic Greil Marcus described it as "the most obvious song in the world, and the strangest". Among the third segments of each episode, the show contained three Elmer Fudd cartoons (only one featuring, Despite the third segments' title card depicting.

I got the power of Massachusetts when it's late at night
The Road Runner and the Coyote more often shared at least an hour with Bugs Bunny on CBS during the late-1960s through the mid-1980s. Roadrunner, roadrunner I got the modern sounds of modern Massachusetts Gonna drive to the Stop 'n' Shop This version was reissued in 1975 on the album Beserkley Chartbusters Vol. (Radio On!) There was one Road Runner/Coyote cartoon during each episode, with a Tweety and Sylvester cartoon in the middle segment, and other WB animated character(s) in the third segment (usually Elmer Fudd, Foghorn Leghorn, Pepé Le Pew, Speedy Gonzales, and Hippety Hopper). I'm in love with rock & roll and I'll be out all night He'd see all this beauty in things where other people just wouldn’t see it."[2].

[5]. Former bandmate John Felice recalled that as teenagers he and Richman "used to get in the car and just drive up and down Route 128 and the Turnpike. Right, bye bye!

The Road Runner Show ran for two seasons on CBS (1966–68), and then ran on ABC for two seasons (1971–73).

Roadrunner twice (, Wile E. fluttering his eyebrows before the Road Runner speeds past him. And I say roadrunner once


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