the sweet hereafter book summary

When someone you love has died, you tend to recall best those few moments and incidents that helped clarify your sense, not of the person who has died, but of your own self.”, See 1 question about The Sweet Hereafter…. The Sweet Hereafter is a novel by Russell Banks exploring the community reaction to a school bus accident that kills fourteen children.

Through the snowy haze, Dolores believes she sees another dog and swerves. Curtis was very quiet, but they understood each other and got along.

The Sweet Hereafter Summary. The story of sorrow, recriminations, and secrets that bubble to the surface is related by four different narrators: the bus driver, a man who lost two kids, the town's favorite teenager (a girl crippled by the accident), and a lawyer from out of town looking to help grieving parents file a suit but wrestling with the loss of his own nearly grown daughter to alienation and drugs. In most cases, the reviews are necessarily limited to those that were available to us ahead of publication. The Sweet Hereafter by Russell Banks is about a town and its tragedy. With her father and Mitchell Stephens in the room, Nichole answers all of the opposing counsel’s questions honestly. Ultimately it will leave you looking at yourself and those around you differently because every town has its secrets. Internal and beautifully constructed and written novel. She left. In my opinion, I thought that was a great book. [4] The bus manufacturer was sued on the grounds that the standard rear emergency door should have been supplemented with an exit on the left side of the bus which would have permitted most or all of the children to escape (this crash had occurred only months after another bus disaster in Kentucky in which the number of emergency exits played a role in fatalities). Curtis is an odd person, quiet and keeping much to himself, but the two seem to know and understand each other and so they begin to live together in Curtis' cabin in the woods. This book was all about Shoogy, who we learned very little about in "Heaven." The story is quite tragic, but so well rendered and psychologically cogent. Banks manages to show all sides of these ordinary characters, even the negative and because this was written from 4 different perspectives almost anyone will be able to find a piece of themselves in one of them. Some lawyers faced ethics charges in their rush to file suit after the accident.[3][which?]

Mitchell Stevens is a lawyer from New York City who comes up to try to "help" the parents of the town sue the "pe. In his attempt to write a philosophical novel, Russell Banks sacrifices character development, plot and engaging writing.

I had the book group I was running at the time read. We got glimpses of her.She didn't get along well at home and caused trouble in school so she only went a few day a week to special classes. Curtis did not talk much, but he did tell her he would probably have to go back to Iraq.

Dolores Driscoll, a straightforward woman who is the breadwinner & caretaker of her husband, was driving the school bus when it went over the cliff. He believes that the tragedy could have been avoided if the town had nstalled a better rail by the quarry. If all his novels are like this I can see what the fuss is about.

With one statement, Nichole effectively ends all of the pending lawsuits relating to the school bus crash and crushes her father’s dream of receiving a multi-million dollar settlement.

He did tell her that he would probably have to go back to Iraq, but did not want to.

Order our The Sweet Hereafter Study Guide, Black Man and White Woman in Dark Green Rowboat. It was a. I should feel a little guilty for giving this book a low rating, but I don't. Until one day she came back from school and she found Curtis making dinner and was very talkative she had never heard Curtis talk so much before or nothing. When she returns home, Nichole faces a new existence that includes a lot of time alone in her room as she continues her studies from her bedroom. Banks explores how or if we can ascribe blame and if truth can be ascertained. The Sweet Hereafter Summary and Study Guide. I understood Curtis wanting to live on the edge of the woods because of his experiences in Iraq and how he was a solitary kind of person but I didn't have enough information about Shoogy. The conclusion gives us an incredibly powerful image to end this, an almost impossible tale to tell. Refresh and try again. They can certainly each stand alone, but Sweet, Hereafter is quite different from the other two, so that I'm not sure I'd recommend it to a reader who loved The First Part Last if it weren't part of the same series!

“The Sweet Hereafter” starts on a sunny snowy day with Dolores Driscoll, an excellent school bus driver, stopping and picking up each kid on the way to school, with a description of each. His characters are well fleshed-out; it was interesting when they made assertions that directly came into conflict with the belief of another character.

All of a sudden there is a bus crash with the bus crashing through the barrier of a bridge. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published The two find kindred spirits in each other. When fourteen children from the town of Sam Dent, New York, are killed in a bus accident, the entire community is affected. The conclusion gives us an incredibly powerful image to end this, an almost impossible tale to tell. Or it could have been.

Still, the kind of fiction that I love the most, that is closest to my heart, is literary fiction; and there are reasons for that which go beyond personal preference.

January 5th 2010 (For example, the bus driver was so proud of both her care of the bus, and also the attention she took while driving. In this story she has moved away from her family. Honestly, until I read the last third of this book, I hated it. Billy Ansel comes over to the Burnell house one evening, angry he is being subpoenaed as a witness in the Mitchell’s lawsuit. I first read Russell Banks because I found out that he wrote the books that two great movies are based on, "The Sweet Hereafter" and "Affliction."

Maybe it didn't help that I haven't read the first two books in the trilogy.

3 page chapters with complete thoughts.

However, for some of them, they have not learned how to handle their own problems. I loved the honesty and compassion and depth here. One day when she came home, Curtis was gone.

But it is not a philosophical novel. Detailed plot synopsis reviews of The Sweet Hereafter; One winter's morning in the town of Sam Dent in upstate New York, a school bus crashes, killing fourteen children, injuring one, and leaving the entire town in shock.

She doesn’t fit in with her perfect, beautiful family. That was all that Curtis left behind for her a letter.. The Sweet Hereafter Book Summary and Study Guide.


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