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Here is what I have been running in Legacy. ... Wrenn and Six: Deck construction. At first, the card seemed pretty good. Because every blue deck is playing it. Getting fetch lands or Wasteland back again and again just feels so good. Six Ways to Beat Wrenn in Legacy by Andreas Petersen on 14 August 2019, Wednesday . Today I will go a little deeper and share with you my blueprint to fight the dominant planeswalker! Wrenn and Six, Dreadhorde Arcanist, Force of Negation, Narset, Parter of Veils, and more have all made drastic changes to the way people are playing Legacy. Wrenn, on the other hand, has singlehandedly revolutionized Jund, claiming itself a spot for one of the best decks in the format. Wrenn and Six has now been available for Legacy players for a couple of weeks and some people are starting to call it the new Deathrite Shaman.Why? A couple of weeks ago we saw it as a two of in Mythic Championship Qualifier-winning RUG Delver deck sideboard, then we saw it showing up in some control decks as a … Does anyone have any idea how to build a deck that takes advantage of its PW abilities? I thought it’d be alright but not great, however when you have a fleshed out Modern Jund deck, you’re a little bought into those colors. Today, I want to go over the possible applications for Plague Engineer and Wrenn and Six in different matchups, which should illustrate how flexible the cards are. If you’re in the Legacy seat for the SCG Team Open in Philadelphia this weekend, here are some of the decks … Melfire Posts: 15 Just Dropped In. I certainly started to realize, along with most players, that the card is just such a value engine. There are really only 3 important cards: Crucible, Field, Mirrorpool. Last time I saw you, I brought up six decks that utilize Wrenn and Six and did some minor talking about how the metagame could adapt to fight the new sherif in town.


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