north by northwest blooper
They are forced to cut the rope as Kowalski is pulling Stone out with him. There are other perks to the gig: like, say, they make a big goof one day and get to be part of the movie or show's delightful, crowd-pleasing gag reel. To make filming more comfortable for Daniel Radcliffe, a seat was built onto his broom. He rides through a battle scene with a soldier behind holding a flag with 38 stars, a flag that wasn’t used until 1877, which is over ten years after the event. It’s hard to see how it happens in an animation, especially once it has been through editing, but there we go! After all, she wore them throughout her entire trip to the wonderful world, right? Back to the drawing board, guys. There are other perks to the gig: like, say, they make a big goof one day and get to be part of the movie. Unless Lex is a professional quick-change artist, there’s no way that she can change her tank top so quickly. So, either they’ve decided that actually he invented the name or that he’s a time traveler. It would have been a mighty fast move to get to the other side, and we don’t think anyone could do it that quickly in heels. As Poe makes his way into one of the X-wing fighters, we can see that there’s a few scratches and marks on the windows. Solomon is seen playing the violin at the beginning of the movie, but something isn’t right with the picture. It may be a slight inaccuracy, but we’ll let it go as the movie was so darn clever otherwise. Well, if you’re going to make a historical film, make sure it’s historically accurate. The "little extra" is the kid in the background. Produced and directed by Kathryn Bigelow, this movie became the first female-directed film within the Academy’s history to win Best Picture – and that’s kind of a big deal. Der unsichtbare Dritte zählt zu den populärsten Filmen von Alfred Hitchcock. Any movie that involves mirrors and lots of reflective surfaces is tough to film. We also know this to be about right, as the king is George I – it’s a little off, but we’ll let it slide. Christian Bale plays a conman forced to cooperate with the FBI during the ‘70s to bring down a ring of power brokers and the Mafia. First, he had to gain weight and shave off his beard. While it’s not taken the box office by storm, critics have gone wild for this production. How on earth did this guy end up on a pirate ship? However, there’s a problem. Gosh Dave, move out of the way! Although we never thought we’d see Christian Bale with a few extra pounds and a bald head, Vice gave us the opportunity to do that. After all, Clint Eastwood is a great director and the script itself was pretty good. That would sound pretty good ... until the humbling, amusing reality emerged. The biggest issue with the film was that it was based on Ancient Egypt, right? A remarkably talented comedian and actress, Rachel Dratch, is best known for her seven-year stint (1999 to 2006) on Saturday Night Live. The film transported us all back to the golden age of Hollywood with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling doing their best Fred Astaire and Judy Garland impressions. When they are in the car, you can notice a small blunder. While it could have been possible, we don’t believe it was intentional. He seems to be psychic. They just had to edit out a few cuss words before ‘1917’ was released. Hugo Stiglitz in Quentin Tarantino's 2009 World War II movie Inglourious Basterds. There’s no reason why Rose couldn’t let Jack on that door. The actor actually cut his hand on glass that was on the table and the cameras kept rolling. After all, it’s an Alfred Hitchcock movie! However…. Stormtroopers are the cloned warriors of the Republic and we see different variations of these clones throughout the Star Wars movies. Well, what do you expect? It seems as though we’re not the only ones who think this because overall this film won a whopping five Oscar Awards at the 68th Academy Award ceremony.


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