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New feature Made in Dagenham has used an old Hoover factory in Wales to double for the Ford motor plant that used to exist in Dagenham, east London. In my initial push to get my spouse to see the movie, he recoiled thinking I was subjecting him to an angry, political female movie (he recanted his assumptions after seeing it). It turns out that we are piloting the plane; we just don’t know how to use it to our advantage. And there are times when it’s an obstacle to good old-fashioned fun. There are times when cultural snobbery is wildly inappropriate. Rita O’Grady superbly points out that fair treatment of women, “is a right, not a privilege and that’s as it should be.” Media should inspire change in the present, not just make civil rights issues look outdated and nostalgic. And speaking as a male viewer, it makes you proud of the women in your life and proud to be British. We’ve always excelled at stories of downtrodden underdogs succeeding against all the odds; The Full Monty and Billy Elliott being two of the more recent examples. The female workers, led by Rita O’Grady (Sally Hawkins), unite in a strike after management reclassifies them as “unskilled workers” to justify a lower pay rate. Made in Dagenham tells the incredible story of the 187 women who went on strike at Ford’s Dagenham factory in 1968 in protest at being downgraded to ‘unskilled’ workers. Made in Dagenham tells the incredible story of the 187 women who went on strike at Ford’s Dagenham factory in 1968 in protest at being downgraded to ‘unskilled’ workers. But the movie’s comedic, cutesy tone glossed over the severity of the cause, which brings to light larger issues in non-fiction women’s films. Therefore, not only are female characters inaccurately portrayed but entirely underrepresented in non-fiction movies. If we don’t demand media for women, made by women and change how we’re represented in the movies, we can continue to expect Hollywood and history to create male-dominated entertainment. Will Arizona help elect a Democrat to president for second time since 1952?

At the end of the day beggars can’t be choosers. Made in Dagenham tells the incredible story of the 187 women who went on strike at Ford’s Dagenham factory in 1968 in protest at being downgraded to ‘unskilled’ workers. The film tells the true story of female workers who went on strike in 1968 over pay and poor working conditions. [12], Learn how and when to remove this template message, Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy, (There's) Always Something There to Remind Me, Mark Kermode Uncut - Feeling Good in Dagenham, Information on the Visteon Pension Action Group, The story of the strike, in an article published by the socialist group Workers' Liberty to mark the 40th anniversary in 2008,, "Made in Dagenham: interview with producers Stephen Woolley and Elizabeth Karlsen", "Made in Dagenham: a squandered opportunity", "They thought they should be paid like men", "Gemma Arterton to star in Made in Dagenham musical",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Best Screenplay of a British Independent Film, Best Edited Feature Film – Comedy or Musical, Standard Award for Best Technical/Artistic Achievement, This page was last edited on 19 August 2020, at 11:06. With Sally Hawkins, Bob Hoskins, Andrea Riseborough, Jaime Winstone. Will lockdown divisions lead to calls for more devolution? ",[7] while David Cox, also of The Guardian, gave a less glowing review, suggesting that, despite initial potential, ".. a promising opportunity has been squandered. [9] Mark Kermode praised the film highly on his weekly show on BBC Radio 5 Live. For me there are some fundamental principles which should apply whatever the social context. Based on a true story, Made in Dagenham explores the movement that caused a significant law reform.

U.S. women still only earn 77% of what a man makes for doing the same work. The film reaches its stirring climax by bowing out on this high. Because this is a great film with so much heart. The film's theme song, with lyrics by Billy Bragg, is performed by Sandie Shaw, herself a native of the area and a former Ford Dagenham clerk. O’Grady exemplifies the classic underdog protagonist – petite and mousy. He ranked it as his fourth favourite film of 2010, beating such films as The Social Network and Another Year.[10]. It dramatises the Ford sewing machinists strike of 1968 that aimed for equal pay for women. Just because a person grew up without meeting a black, Jewish or gay person, why is the logical response to fear or hate them? Sally Hawkins, as head striker Rita O’Grady, is nothing short of stunning. I’ve never understood the excuse of social context for sexism, racism or homophobia. The women take their demand for equal pay all the way to parliament. Directed by Nigel Cole. It’s just a shame that, despite the women’s triumph and the creation of the Equal Pay Act in 1970, 40 years later examples abound of women being paid less than their male counterparts for doing the same job – in all sectors of industry. Instead, I found a lot of the direction and little moments incredibly human and genuinely uplifting. The strike brought the factory – employing a total workforce of 55,000 and churning out half a million cars a year – to a standstill. Made in Dagenham does a superb job of laying out the story and the issues and I highly recommend it to males and females alike. The movie’s message on women’s ability to overcome a culture that promotes sex discrimination is still as relevant today as it was then. This strike causes a lot of public attention around the world and was seen as out of the ordinary to many because it was not in a woman's nature to do anything else other than the traditional family roles.

The strike is successful and leads to the Equal Pay Act 1970. A stage musical version of the film opened at London's Adelphi Theatre in 2014. Scripted by Richard Bean, and directed by Rupert Goold, it starred Gemma Arterton in the lead role. If you feel like you recognise this, you’ve probably seen the film Made in Dagenham. Four women, whose quest for equal pay in 1968 bought a Dagenham factory to a standstill meet the home secretary, as a film documenting their story is tipped to become autumn’s hottest Brit flick. Social changeI for one have always loved stories of pioneers standing up for their rights way before their time. Media is made primarily by men and for men. Women’s hardship stories are fun and valuable for the whole family as long as it has a Disney-esque polish and resolution. I thought it was a crucially important true story that fell into little of the trappings that 'exploitative uplifting civil rights films' so often do. A soundtrack for the film was released, with the following tracks:[11], The title song was written by David Arnold and Billy Bragg just for the film. Watching Made in Dagenham is one of those times. The “unsuspecting heroine” profile is overused inHollywood’s characterization of women; is that the only way Hollywood can tell and sell a story about a female cause against all odds? The bee-hived and bobbed characters are fully fleshed and well-rounded even though they fit into ’60s archetypes, and the period piece balances optimism and realism in a way that’s both compelling and fun to watch. And why does living and working in a society in which women are treated as second class citizens justify the continuing treatment of them as such? Made in Dagenham is a British docudrama by Director Nigel Cole and is based on the true story of 187 female Ford Motor machinists in Dagenham, England, 1968. Based on a true story, Made in Dagenham explores the movement that caused a significant law reform. [5] Maclean's, in a review for the film's 2010 Toronto International Film Festival premiere, called it a ".. combination of Milk and Mad Men.. It’s a film that blatantly condemns sexism and shows, despite its mostly light tone, the real cost of fighting for civil rights. Made in Dagenham is a British docudrama by Director Nigel Cole and is based on the true story of 187 female Ford Motor machinists in Dagenham, England, 1968.


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