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CAUSTIC SODA. Caustic soda is a substance that causes severe corrosion and if this happens in the scrubber tower the plates will need to be changed. Hello All, I have a caustic soda scrubber (NaOH) to eliminate mercaptanes from butane. Caustic Soda Scrubbers When caustic soda solution is used as absorbent, the best scrubber choice is the above-mentioned radial flow scrubber or a packed column scrubber, because there is no danger of buildup as there would be with solid calcium compounds. Why Caustic? The concentration of NaOH at the begining of run is 30%. With 90% of the emissions removed by condensation and most of the heat dissipated, the highly concentrated sulfur dioxide gases are then drawn into the second and smaller venturi scrubber. When choosing a scrubber design or a scrubber input, you will need to decide whether to use MgO or caustic soda (NaOH). Please help. It is a batch. I can not work with another solvent as a set of specifications requires me to use caustic soda to the wash. if you have a document concerning the dimensioning of a scrubber pulvérisationgive me it. Caustic Soda Scrubber padovano (Petroleum) (OP) 28 Apr 16 10:13. Caustic scrubber designs are available to treat sour refinery fuel gas both with and without CO 2. Are heat calculations necessary for this type of scrubber? Scrubbing H 2S gas with little to no CO 2 is traditionally done by contacting the gas with recirculated caustic solution in a single loop or sometimes in a dual-loop design. RE: washing of H2S by caustic soda bimr (Civil/Environmental) 13 Apr 12 00:55. As scrubbers are also directly connected to the engine, if there is a malfunction the vessel will be put out of business until it is repaired. Hcl Scrubbing With Caustic - posted in Student: Hello, Are there any general guidelines or sheets that can be used to design a HCl scrubber which uses caustic(20%) as the scrubbing liquid? The solution usually gets spent when the concentration is around 10%. Thank you. Numerous other postings have addressed this issue. MgO vs. Caustic Soda. Is there a typical pressure drop, gas factor, liquid load, height and diameter for such scrubbers? Understanding the difference is crucial, as your decision will impact the safety of your staff and the costs of your business. The nozzle ejects a caustic (sodium hydroxide) solution spray causing a draft that draws the gases into the stream. cordially .


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