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James Jean Year of the Rat pin set launches this Lunar New Year. Mmmm Labor Day ~ nicest thing about a monday off seems to be inbox is slowing down and i can relax and work and catch up a bit! This has been a game changer for our NOToddler! The Joaquin Bench by Arrow Furniture Works is a Windsor inspired bench designed and handbuilt in Portland, OR. Printmakers from MT, NM, OR & WA collaborated to make a set of pre-stamped postcards that celebrate the USPS. Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl did an interview with me for the Gap “Born To _____” Campaign… you can check out the interview. They are peppermint fondant covered in dark chocolate then coated with 24kt gold. Bunnies and Splatter patterns are so tempting. The kind that kind of just grabs you and forces you to finally deal with it, versus just deciding to take off and sit quietly and figure things out. David Ambarzumjan "Brushstrokes in Time" show at Antler Gallery looks stunning. Safework Signs is a great side project from the folks at at Oxford Pennant. The videos share the making of and adventures as it pops up all season. FastCo has a look at the design. Refocus. - It’s an Amazon affiliate storefront, because we’ve been using Amazon Prime a lot for the convenience during exhaustion! - 4 adorably illustrated surfer creature printed flip flops for big kids and tiny kids. Adorable sleeping cat mold that is perfect for making sleepy sand kittens all over the beach... and the mold doubles as a sculpture when not in use as well. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day (April 22), HOME is the world’s first stay-at-home environmental mural festival. It keeps me giddy and excited and thrilled and curious about what i’ll find tomorrow. Guerilla Tacos in DTLA has an Emergency Taco Kit! It's poppy season here in Southern California! Earlybird Claycup limited edition featuring the artwork of Nanami Cowdroy. p.p.s. Raising Robotic Natives: Artefacts for generations growing up with robots by Stephan Bogner, Philipp Schmitt, and Jonas Voigt. Front Design Curve lights for Zero. An update on life, our latest project in the making, and a few things i couldn't have survived pregnancy without... and a peek at things to come. 10.30.14 This special gift guide post is sponsored by Volvo! It’s going to be 9 years in March. Limited edition of 300. Designed by Snøhetta. Restart? and to be honest, it’s really hard to break the daily habit of sharing things that inspire me!). Their website, packaging, and instagram are filled with such fun, happy graphics. The latest comic from Diesel Sweeties sums up science vs beliefs so nicely... SF Mercantile's classic I Love You California Bear - Firefighter Collection. - each one is truly unique due to the glazing too! UPDATE Oct 2019 - Our little NOTbaby is 4 months old now! All profits go to neuter program of Bulgarian NGO Everydaystray. it’s the notempire b/c its not an empire. Lauren's All Purpose Salve in a limited edition ceramic vessel by Erin Louise Clancy, and even includes a tiny ceramic spatula. Guidecraft's Contemporary Kitchen Helper is keeping our active, curious NOTtoddler safe and happy! ("Popping Cannabis" aka Pop Rocks?!?!) These tea bags are made out of non-GMO corn! Janod Spirit collection of animal racers made of wood, beautifully painted, and their springy necks let their heads bounce as you race around. Kathmandu Adapt Wedding Dress! ), JED “Odi et Amo” Bandana - Latin quote from the roman poet Catullus meaning "I hate and I love." National Geographic's April 2020 Earth Day issue features their first double cover - It's Nice That interview: "National Geographic’s creative director explains the Optimism vs Pessimism issue". *notcot - Firefox Send - Mozilla's new way service for free file transfers while keeping your personal information private. Interesting to see more about Loon’s balloons in action as they work with the government of Peru and Telefónica spreading LTE service after the 8.0 earthquake in northern Peru. We’ve tucked them in around the site ~ you never know exactly where they will pop up next~ and we’re so lucky that Target *gets* our playful side to sponsor the first instance of this new gallery! Playforever Luft Collection - playful Porsche inspired minimal toy cars coming soon in popping new colors. (SPACE10 = IKEA’s future living lab). So as i’ve focused on more PHYSICAL projects - time spent writing feature posts definitely definitely wavers more - BUT for those of you who want a peek into what we’re playing with and working on before they turn into features, we’ve been sharing more and more of that on our NOTlabs Instagram! Also insane problem solving on ridiculous deadlines… Of course this means less crazy posts, but also more tweets and instagrams of what i can share from some of the process (and random inspirations in daily life). Now it’s a multimillion-dollar dream factory anchoring an “immersive bazaar” in Las Vegas.". The Story Planter designed by Afteroom for Design Within Reach is so lovely! Launching at Target 4/7. The dolls? See some pics of the actual pull out section on the next page ~ and when i get more unpacked will do some proper scans! somuch. I’m so giddy to share this new feature we’ve been crunching on ~ in fact, dan’s still working on getting things ready for NotCouture ~ but i can’t contain myself, so you can take a peek at while that gets going…, Did you find them yet? Three sets of books feature covers designed and printed by nine letterpress artists and studios. Show opens on January 11th, 2020. It attaches to the stroller with velcro straps. Brew Perfect by Chemex is a pretty adorable game filled with fun bitmap animations... catch deliciousness in your carafe to brew Coffee Perfection! Measures 18" x 24" and is of an edition of 70. And again… HEAD OVER TO NOTCOT.ORG FOR INSPIRATION OVERLOADS UPDATED DAILY! Tiny Badger Ceramics out of San Diego, CA - beautiful vintage glassware inspired, faceted, matte slip cast ceramic bowls, cups, vases and more. Look Keys! Safe Hand Fish! Also take a look at the 'freebies' section for fun Valentine's Candy Hugger Cards and more you can print out. Converse All Star Pro BB - they've come a long way from the original basketball shoe from 1917. is incredible. 1TB on a tiny USB key! Particularly loving "Wireframe" by Town and Concrete. For you kiasu ones, please note “The sites on the following pages are numbered, but the numerals are for neat visual order and not to signal any order of merit.”, NEW!!! (The reviews and customer photos are worth a look... and i just ordered one for the guest bathroom). September 9-13, this is the first of hopefully many to come! SergeLowrider "Sorry, we're home - Yes, we're safe" signs! The 10 Barrel Brewing BEERCAT designed and built by pro-snowboarder, Mike Basich! The Master Theorem... might be launching a book of puzzles, intrigue, and wit? Wee Gallery Baby Swaddle Blankets have such cute, playful packaging creatures! And the Blythe Dolls? The making of her custom 3000 sq ft inflatable bounce house of a psych ward with padded walls (complete with custom socks!) New York Times Map of Every Building in America, and Map of Every Building in Your City (LA, NYC, SF, Boston, Dallas), NOTCOT Recommended Reading: The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power by Shoshana Zuboff. Lots in progress to show you from the whirlwind SF trip!!! Wooden Idea toy based on Sozi's Her Idea book. Wood body and head with rope arms and legs. 03.04.09 InkMeThis Dual Point Seam Ripper with hand turned acrylic handle. I’ve been noticing a lot of shifting and balancing in my life recently - as NOTCOT closes in on turning the big 1-0 - we’ve been trying new projects, larger experiments, and still constantly collecting/sharing what inspires us on our digital studio inspiration board of sorts that has always been… but the biggest thing i’ve realized is having to shift my priorities time wise! They are popping up from many of our favorite artists these days to help destress adults or inspire/amuse kiddos. Taking your kid from 6 months to 3-5 years as it transforms into a balance bike, complete with adjustable seat and handle bars to grow with them. Car and Driver "We Found Over 30 Easter Eggs on the Jeep Renegade" and they are adorable happy little treats tucked all over the car! We Are Dorothy's Stamp Albums: Electronic. Snuggled Puppies Puzzle by Yoni Alter. Terra launches Pot O'Gold Cannabis Infused Peppermint Pattie limited editions of their popular Terra Bites. , 15:40 -, *notcot - VIDEONineteen Eighty-Fortnite #FreeFortnite ad recreates Apple's iconic "1984" ad, only Apple is the one to rebel against. Stunning art exhibition by Trajectoire Studio featuring 30 artists. SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe USB Type-C Flash Drive (that also has USB Type-A!). Our Planet on Netflix. Google NYC lobby has an installation with 5880 arcade buttons as pixels! Back in LA! Quite the teaser video... FEATUREDHappy Mother's Day - first proper feature in nearly 1.5 years! In addition to the adorable Sonny gorilla of Sun Bum branding - Baby Bum has a whole cast of characters - and turned them into stuffed toys and these bath/beach toys! Copyright NOTCOT INC 2005-2020 - Privacy PolicyPrivacy Policy From products we’re in the midst of trying out (Like the new Formlabs Form 1+ 3D Printer and Ignoble Bags), to the continued adventures of Bucky, the NOTpuppy, to the NOTFZJ80 Project and more… feel free to join + chat with us there! As usual click the pics to find out more… and if you find something that shouldn’t be missed, feel free to submit to the appropriate site!!! The GIR Silicone Ladle (in Ultimate or Skinny in a rainbow of colors) is our new favorite in the NOTCOT kitchen. VIDEOThe Yjumper Project - A massive trampoline effect from 42 bungee cords, 400m webbing and a 2m bamboo icosahedron structure in the centre of the cooling tower in Meppen/ Funpark. [Backed by NOTCOT! It follows NASA's ISRU principles, using common household tools/materials. But anyhow i’m around - the day to day silliness will still pop up on, NOTlabs Instagram, and Twitter - so let’s chat! FEATUREDColoring Pages! I’m sure everyone walked away with something different from the experience, for me, a big one is that it was a nice and much needed head clearer! How adorable is it that the Google Maps Streetview guy puts on a party hat and grabs a balloon to wish you a Happy Birthday? (Also check out the coloring pages.). Made in USA. It's been better than we expected and perfect for our NOTtoddler! Rise Up. "A new NEON print celebrating the most influential and exciting electronic albums of the last 50 years. 5.11 Tactical AMP Backpacks feature a unique Hexgrid system that allows you to mount accessories at a variety of angles. (As usual…). SO… i’ll be back. 09.04.09 , 01:54 -, *notcot - Jo Weaver - beautiful illustrations for her children's picture books: Little Tigers, Little Whale, and Little One. New stickers (Synth and VCR) from Eric Nyffeler! & Know Your Sh*t - two pantone swatch inspired guides by Matt Roach. Amongst a sea of candy colored bottles (often with terrible graphics) it's nice to have clean black/clear and black/stainless options in kids sizes (12oz/14oz) that are easy enough for our one year old to drink from! Let’s make this official - i’m taking a break from the bloggy part of NOTCOT! Australi-Aid has partnered with over 40 incredible artists to create a beautiful collection of postcards to support The Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors and Australian Red Cross. 07.18.14 GRAPHIC FEST: Spot-on identities for festivals & fairs from Victionary.


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