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Jessica Mauboy. Well it was a disjointed ramble, with a lot of angry-man shouting and a bit of terrorising of certain audience members. //]]>-->, Home John Robertson adapts his shouty comedy show for over 11s. you quietly giggling at your desk. In reverse order, they are: 2017: Nineteen Ninety Seven (Edinburgh Fringe) '&charset='+document.characterSet : '')); I was offered projects by Hat Trick Productions and PIAS, and The Dark Room has since become the world’s only live-action videogame. The Dark Room blends together his sarcastic humour YouTube ), (In fact, I kiss the ground so hard and superbly that wherever I go So we’re moving to Brighton! It’s coastal! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Seats were arranged medieval-style for the convenient access of dancing girls and we had a sword fight instead of a bridal waltz. Scots comic Janey Godley to present Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards in July, Australian comic John Robertson gets married in a chicken shed after a coma, My weekly diary No 39: self-delusion, Scots pronunciation and Janey Godley, Andrew Doyle Part 2: “It’s no longer about Left and Right. online. “Did you plan a traditional white wedding?” I asked John yesterday. “It’s a good way to end, no? | Contact Us After 4,000,000 hits, I turned the game He prowls the edge of the stage, getting as close to his audience as possible. ” A manic and quick-witted revelation” – The Scotsmen. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Tagged as Australia, comedy, Dark Room, edinburgh fringe, festival, idol, Jo Marsh, John Robertson, Perth, Skyrim, White Room ← Comedian Lewis Schaffer says sex is … ( Log Out /  “Ah,” said John, “I stopped returning Spielberg’s calls after he asked if the room could be not really dark at all, and played by Tom Cruise“. 2012: The Dark Room (Edinburgh Fringe) He is loud, chaotic and very funny. Welcome to The Good, The Bad and the Funny. Upcoming performances. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________, “**** his material is edgy, intelligent and smoothly-delivered… this is astute, amoral stand-up for the morbidly inclined” – The Age, I’ve been a stand-up since I was 17. Comedian John Robertson trying out for a position on Australian Idol. 2016: Arena Spectacular (nominated Edinburgh Fringe “Once we’d finished our ludicrous funsies, Tom Jones’ She’s a Lady rang out and comedian-turned-Mars One-astronaut-applicant Josh Richards walked out, performing some manner of dance with a Japanese fan. His audience can always assume they will witness organised mayhem. '&charset='+document.charset : (document.characterSet ? Quite a well known Comedian, Robertson tours 2016: The Dark Room 4.0 (Udderbelly London, EdFringe, Nottingham Comedy Festival, Leicester Comedy Fest, Magners International Comedy Festival, Insomnia Festival, Southbound) Koalas carry chlamydia. Robertson, Perth-raised but now based in London, is a singular kind of performer. Strap yourselves in folks, this could go on for a while. Heckling is a blight on comedy in our opinion but masters of dealing with it like these gentlemen make it a little easier to handle. It was about 15 minutes into John Robertson’s show that he homed in on the reviewers in the audience and demanded an on-the-spot star rating. I’m also an anarchic improviser and insult comic, Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Australia’s great, but I’m done now. John’s UK Coronavirus Diary – No 16 – “The first of the blood tests begins…”, John’s UK Coronavirus Diary – No 15 – I suddenly get taken into NHS hospital, John’s UK Coronavirus Diary – No 14 – hopeless eyes in the Tuol Sleng photos, John’s UK Coronavirus Diary – No 13 – I feel dizzy and there is a comedy death, John’s UK Coronavirus Diary – No 12 – A Rollercoaster ride in Intensive Care, I watched my father die for over ninety minutes with a look of horror in his eyes, John’s UK Coronavirus Diary – No 11 – 86-year-old’s Lockdown Survival Guide, John’s UK Coronavirus Diary – No 10 – What it’s really like in COVID-19 wards. Own Adventure books when you were a kid? Initially met with boos, as the rant goes on he wins them over till he’s being met with cheers and applause at the end while counting down how much time he had left and still insulting them all. Which turns out to be most people. As “comedian-turned-koala-turned-Mars One-astronaut-applicant” Josh Richards, I and my alter-ego Keith the Anger Management Koala can assure you there are plenty of koalas out there with syphilis too… because I gave it to them. The 5 Greatest heckling put downs of all time or: How I learned to stop worrying (about heckling) and Love the fallout. Who needs Tinder when you have problems?). My dad was a journalist, so to make him proud (and also money), I’ve written op-ed pieces for Cleo, Vice, The Huffington Post, SBS Comedy and The List. Long live the backward-walking man! John Fleming’s Weekly Diary No 35 – Life is but a dream. Have a look at our calendar to see what's on at the Top Secret Comedy Club. A former Australian Idol star has revealed her heartbreaking final moments with her dad as he passed away in hospital. Pretty much what you'd expect from a Robertson show, really. Jo is Festival Director of the Perth International Comedy Festival. Now it and I tour places and events like the Soho Theatre, Insomnia Gaming Expo, Comic Relief, London Comic-Con, Download music festival, fringe festivals, your house and corporate events. A (now infamous) appearance on Australian Idol. So what comes on the speakers immediately? London, Hiding secret things in secret places. Could a priest stand in front of those and scare the shit out of everyone? Now based in London, John is a veteran of several wildly successful Edinburgh Fringe shows. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Flaming Lips’ song Do You Realize?? by me turning up.). It has a cult following of people who call themselves Darrens. It takes balls to pull something off like this and somehow he managed it. the land becomes fertile. Australian Goth icon Nick Cave lives there! “And then they were both grabbed by Jo’s sister and hauled to the front – whereupon YEAAHHH! if (document.referrer) document.write ("&referer=" + escape(document.referrer)); I do a preview show of The Dark Room at Leicester Square Theatre on July 24th. | Hot Links “The sermon was performed by comedian-turned-priest Chris Bedding. So we did.”. Brendon Burns is yet another comedian who doesn’t pull his punches, for quite some time he was quasi-banned from Liverpool for going off on how much he hated the place. Disgraceful, Richards. Burnsy decided to use his reputation to his advantage, placed two friends in the audience to start a debate about whether his material was racist or not then finished the whole show with a dance routine accompanied by the hecklers, taking the form to its logical conclusion. document.write ("'><\/scr"+"ipt>"); Gribble heads Bush and ‘Burbs Top 30 of 2020, Hard border means Perth summer will not be the same, Look inside all-new Her Majesty’s as first show announced, ‘I could do that’: Time to throw hat in Fringe ring. John Robertson is is loud, chaotic and very funny. Wondering if it’s possible to build an enormous hand with which to stroke audiences. Then insulting their mother. (but with more tongue, let’s be fair. “Usually your groom and his mates are clustered in an awkward line somewhere near the celebrant and smiling nervously. He came to public attention at the 2003 Australian Idol by faking a seizure on national television. Nominated Biggest Box Office 2009) My kick-ass clothes are made by Gallery Serpentine “Werzel then brings us our ceremonial swords – What’s that? She met me at a party, recognised me from Australian Idol and, while she denies this, I said Hello. if (document.MAX_used != ',') document.write ("&exclude=" + document.MAX_used); Then the Edinburgh Fringe.”, “Do I take it?” I asked, “that now you are married you are not going to settle down with pipe, slippers and a koala?”, “Koalas carry syphilis,” said John, “and I have never settled down.”, Tagged as Australia, comedy, Dark Room, edinburgh fringe, festival, idol, Jo Marsh, John Robertson, Perth, Skyrim, White Room. “Then we cried a bit which, for a man in a striped suit with cowboy boots and anime hair, is a fun thing to do. But Robertson also told stories about himself. John Robertson is an Australian comic currently killing it in the Australian Idol (TV Series 2003–2009) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The Dark Room - By John Robertson can be played below. if (document.mmm_fo) document.write ("&mmm_fo=1"); He’s also a TV presenter, columnist, multimedia artist, games designer, crowd-surfer and recreational sadist. The MCing and crowd-threatening was done by comedian Werzel Montague. But he promised there would be other emotions and pathos, something to sway a tough, hard-to-please reviewer into being a bit more generous. to anti-suicide fundraisers, This is a personal favourite of ours for the disdain he shows the man as well as the creative choice of insults. I was distracted this week by being on jury service and then being in bed for two days, sweaty and coughy and generally drippy from various parts of my body. into a live comedy show at Edinburgh Fringe 2012. Go and find it for me! “He gestured and BOOM – there stood Jo, pale and lovely in a white and blood-red corset, massive hoop skirt and five-mile long train. and we’re pulled apart by our groomsmen and bridesmaids respectively. “After I refused to stay down for the part where she (all Errol Flynn-like) pins my sword to the ground and punches me in the head, she snogged me. “Hell, no,” he told me. Learn how your comment data is processed. Australian Idol audition of "The Bird is the Word" which made waves A (now infamous) appearance on Australian Idol. | Advertise 170 Drury Lane John’s layout for the fake cathedral – “before we lit the joint”. Tickets on sale now for the 2020 PrideFEST Luncheon, with keynote speakers Magda Szubanski and Hon. Quotes: “Not to be missed” – The Guardian. 2010: A Nifty History of Evil (Edinburgh Fringe, Winner – Critic’s Choice – Wild West Comedy Festival) It’s not real but it’s an excellent example of how daft the whole thing is. Stewart Lee fans probably don't like Michael McIntyre and everyone hates Stewart Lee fans. '':''); Looking Sharp is on until Sunday. John Robertson is a comedian, making money out of that particularly odd art form since 2002.


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