jeff ward xr75

Even with these improvements, however, the XR was quickly falling behind the performance of its two-stroke rivals. New Tires and Tubes. tape it at approx width, once that's done the outer will appear again do the same count over and over again taping each as you go do both sides and upper left picture is what you will have, position the rim over the pattern and carefully fit, if nothing matches don't panic!

I saw one for sale, not running, in Ohio for $700.

In stock. Under the motor was a full skid plate and a rather odd set of peg mounts that placed one peg farther forward of the other for some inscrutable reason. The local polisher in our neighboorhood does extremely detailed work and has done so for many years. Pro fab made both frames for DG and J&H.

The bike would signal an all-new direction for Honda’s off-road program and fittingly, wear an all new designation – XR. A new sleeker tank for 1974 slimmed the XR’s lines and made it look more like the new CR and less like the outgoing SL. 1973 Honda SL70 Restored Vintage z50 mr50 xr75 ct70 mini trail elsinore K1 ... 1974 Honda MR 50 ,KO, AHRMA, MINI SL70 Z50 z 50 mr50 xl70 xr75 ct70 mini tr ... 1974 Yamaha YZ80A Mint Restored Vintage MX YZ 80 Noguchi GT80 XR75 Mini end ... 1971 Honda SL70 SL 70 AHRMA Vintage Enduro Minibike Minicycle XR75 XL70, 1974 Honda Elsinore CR 250 Fully Restored AHRMA Ready Racer. piston and rings with the stock bore. Totally stock in good condition. PulpMX exists as an informed, fan-driven Pro Motocross and Supercross site where objective editorial and entertaining racing-centric discourse flourish. The all-new XR75 would make its debut in the fall of 1972, a full month before its scene-stealing big brother the Elsinore would make it to these shores. In 1972, Honda fired two groundbreaking salvos across the bow of the off-road industry. Polishing some parts is a must. The latest from XMR. The whole point when first centering the hub with lots of measuring while hand tightening the spokes was to limit the up and down out of round when the initial wheelset is in balancer, this will save lots of time. Jeff Ward and his Honda XR75 became a staple of motocross magazines in the mid-seventies. Polished and brushed hubs all-aluminum excel rims with stainless spokes and nipples a beautiful combination. The Honda Motorsport SL-70 was a perfect example of the kind of off-road machines Honda was building prior to the XR75. As for the colors DG offered theirs in gold, the J&H came in silver. 64. With the introduction of the new XR75 came an all-new phenomenon, the mini-class superstar. At a mere 76 decibels, the stock bike could be ridden in the backyard without incurring the ire of Fred and Ethel next door. In the suspension department, the XR used a set of non-adjustable telescopic front forks and dual rear shocks. It was less powerful and heavier than the two-stroke Yamaha Mini-Enduro, but offered better suspension and full street legal capability. Here's a sneak peek at our J&H monoshock, at this point, we have machined the axle pivot and bronze bushings, which are much thicker than stock and have also installed the shock.

We strive on building the best quality parts for our customers, and let's face it! just turn the rim over and try again, carefully assemble all spokes loosely and center drum with measuring while finger tightening the spokes, WOW you are now ready for balancing. Instant revs and no more dry spot on high rev engines core exchange required cams, and cam towers in stock, a must for the hardcore modified XR. It was a serious and no-nonsense off road machine that introduced countless thousands of kids to the joys of going off-road on a Honda. Required fields are marked *. Many hours are spent with extensive fitting and testing, for an absolutely perfect fit every time. XR MINI RACER ... Jeff Ward. OK remember cutting off the old shock mounts? of junk parts, but smooth-talking Dave persuaded me to tackle the job. After complete port polish, we did some extensive machining and installed a 1mm oversize intake valve, this monster will now breathe easy with valve guides ground smooth in both passageways a nice match to our 54mm high-performance 11;5;1 piston and one of our super high lift camshafts, the 120cc super modified motor will be a far cry from the original 72cc stocker stay tuned as the fun stuff begins. Start by slowly turning wheel, you can hold something as simple as a paint stick in place as shown above we like to gauge the up and down out of round first if rim goes low that means you must tighten the spokes on both sides evenly to pull rim up,1/2 turn increments are the norm it just takes patience! In the coming months, we will be bringing many new projects to the table, such as how to install the original lay down turtle suspensions which we offer as a kit, for 73-76 XR75 including tig installation, before and after for those of you wanting to lay down the shocks at a 45degree angle.

While the new motor was no rocket, it was more than up to the challenge of keeping up with its competition. Next, some careful reassembly of bottom end. While Z50, CT70 and SL70 were all immensely popular; none of them were particularly good dirt bikes.

in progress are the custom fit 77 cr125 side panels stay tuned the finished bike should be pretty sick. The J&H complete monoshock package racer, running a full-blown 120cc XR mini racer full race motor, you have been with us from the very start, from wheel lacing to complete motor building to finish and cosmetics a great build and unique in its own way. It was smooth, torquey (by mini bike standards) and amazingly, actually faster than most of its mini-class rivals at the time.

No more worn-out cam towers. Quality silverware: While not incredibly plush, the XR’s stock forks were capable of handing anything a pint-sized mini pilot was capable of throwing at it in 1974. With the bottom end carefully assembled here's one last look before we assemble the top end, polished valves fully ported cylinder with valve guides machined inside the ports for clear passage, high lift modified camshaft to fit needle bearing cam tower heavy-duty valve springs 24mm Mikuni carb, electronic ignition Lockhart oil cooler, rocker arms have also been cut and lightened, stay tuned as the J&H monster comes together. Part play bike, part racer, it was a machine so perfect in its mission and execution that it lasted for forty years as a staple of Honda’s lineup. With all pieces back place a huge difference! If you really wanted to get crazy with your pit bike racer, then you ponied up $349 (keep in mind the stock XR only cost $470 in ’74) for this ultra-trick DG monoshock frame complete with a gas-charged Bilstein shock.
PK was the first to introduce it coming directly from Japan, shortly followed by J.W.R.P adding that 5th gear made quite a difference on some of the more longer and faster tracks.

Even with full-size adults on board, the bike felt solid and did not do anything weird or spooky. With the introduction of the Trail 70, Honda had another massive hit on their hands and buyers snapped them up in droves. ’76 CR125 $625, ’79Cr125 $1325! Running the full 120cc racing package, many many hours went into the motor alone and suspension mods. Frame welding for strength, aggressive suspensions seat mods were all part of standard equipment for top runners back in the day such as Myerscough, Ward, Brown, just to name a few. In stock configurations a whopping 98cc! They preferred to stick to road racing and let the other brands play in the dirt. nbsp;Chain and sprockets have been replaced. Feel free to ask questions using eBay's email or call 931. Jeff Ward on his XR75. For four decades, it soldiered on as one of the most indestructible, enduring and beloved bikes in Honda’s lineup. New Carb and filter. I still remember Jeff Ward coming to my locals track racing a XR75. Call for parts polishing prices. We are now ready for some oil cooler plumbing ignition wiring, and of course, the J&B pipe which the J&H monoshock ran back in the day.
Sometimes my dad would just stop in a newly dirt grated area right by Laguna Hills Mall, let me ride there to cure my addiction!, Your email address will not be published.

Explore Tony Blazier's photos on Flickr. Sporting a 47 x 41.4mm bore and stroke and 8:8.1 compression ratio, the new mill featured larger valves, a higher rev ceiling and a bigger carb (19.5mm Keihin) than the old power plant.


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