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As a well-respected naval lieutenant and Gulf War veteran who also happened to be gay, Trail demonstrated the same level of compassion and charisma around his fellow naval officers as he did in his personal relationships, despite never having divulged his sexuality to any of them. Madson was already living in Minneapolis. He was the youngest of five children and by all accounts, the family was extremely tight-knit. Despite many vehement warnings from the few friends and family members who had met Cunanan, Trail continued his friendship with his future murderer, with the two being inseparable for a time. Jeffrey Trail, Cunanan's first victim, was a 28-year-old former naval officer. From the very beginning of their friendship, it always seemed obvious to everyone, except Trail himself, that Cunanan was a volatile and phony master manipulator who had ulterior motives for everything he did, though those motives were never unveiled. The Golden Saber .40-cal. In fact, Cunanan would set Trail up with other guys and paid for his food and drinks. In an interview, Trail’s sister, Candace Parrott said, “People would ask Jeff why he put up with Andrew. The three men were mutual friends, but it was painfully obvious that Cunanan more than simply admired Trail. In 1996, after a brief stint as a trainee with the California Highway Patrol, Trail moved to Minneapolis, where he began a new job as a district manager for a propane company called Ferrellgas. Cunanan invited Trail to Madson's the next night, and Trail was discovered dead in Madson's apartment two days later. A friend of his reported to CBS News right before his move that Trail had procured a handgun, "I'm gonna be safe, I've got this," he said. But Cunanan's killing spree actually began in April—four months before he shot Versace—with the murder of two friends, Jeffrey Trail and David Madson. Rich Polk / Stringer/ Getty Images. Jeffrey Trail’s Wiki. When Trail spoke out anonymously in a 48 Hours interview, where he discussed being gay in the military. The last time Cunanan went to Minneapolis, he told his friends that he was seeing Trail to “settle some business.” Madson picked him up from the airport. FACT CHECK: Kwik Trip Launches “Kwik Strip” Gentlemen’s Clubs, FACT CHECK: Burisma Admitted to Paying Bribe to Joe Biden. He even referred to Trail as "my brother.". In July 1997, Trail’s sister Lisa told The New York Times that Cunanan idolized her brother so much that he’d try to emulate a lot of his actions and mannerisms. Little did Trail know that the seemingly simple and offbeat persona Cunanan spent his life artfully crafting and using to manipulate others would ultimately result in both of their demises. His parents were very proud and supportive of their youngest son’s numerous achievements, including his enrollment in the United States Naval Academy. They’re very top-notch performers. We perform our jobs, we do it well.”. Jeffrey Trail, Cunanan's first victim, was a 28-year-old former naval officer. It’s said that Cunanan may have become suspicious or jealous of Trail and Madson’s relationship after his friend moved to the same city as his ex. A month before the murder, Trail admitted to a friend that Cunanan had asked him to help in his illegal business, presumably drug trafficking. Trail Rides We have beautiful and well behaved horses. He was reportedly beaten to death with a claw hammer. They would reportedly go target-shooting together; Trail was a skilled marksman and a veteran of the Gulf War. On April 29, 1997, Jeffrey Trail’s bloodied corpse was found in Madson’s Minneapolis apartment, with neither Madson nor Cunanan anywhere in sight. Trail refused. Whether you are an experienced rider or a first timer you will feel right at home with our horses. Their relationship had ended by September 1996, when Madson began to distance himself from Cunanan, who described Madson as "the love of my life." Trail even told Madson, “You can’t believe a word [Cunanan] says. Two of Trail’s friends, Chris Gamache and Judy Fleissner, said that they told him, “You need to get this guy out of here. Trail graduated from the academy in 1991. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, he never got that opportunity. He’s a jerk and an idiot.” However, he defended Cunanan. '', Trail moved from San Diego to Minneapolis for a job as a district manager at a propane company in the Spring of 1996, and when Cunanan announced his plans to visit, Trail reportedly told his sister that he "didn't want him [Cunanan] to come." Who Are Jenifer Lewis’ Family? There was also a message on Trail's home phone from Cunanan inviting him to come to Madson's. Although there’s a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the exact details of Trail’s untimely death, season 2 of the FX series American Crime Story: The Assassination of Giovanni Versace attempted to fill in some of the unknown details. Our Jeffrey Trail wiki looks to answer these questions and more. Give us a call today so we can get you scheduled. While in the Navy, he found coming to terms with his sexuality difficult. The book details that Cunanan told people that he and Trail were childhood friends. FACT CHECK: Fisher-Price to Sell “Peaceful Protest” Playset. Andrew killed Jeff … When Jeff grew a goatee, Andrew grew a goatee. When asked why he was such a fierce defender of Cunanan, Trail stated, “It’s kind of like having a black sheep in your family. Naval Academy in Annapolis and was a Gulf War veteran. According to a San Diego AIDS counselor, Cunanan had come by and asked about the virus. Trail worked as a manager for Ferrellgas, a propane firm in Inver Grove Heights. Trail’s then-boyfriend, Daniel O’Toole said, “I don’t recall a time I knew Jeff when he was comfortable with Andrew, when Jeff and Andrew were really close.”. Trail.". Trail, a graduate of the Naval Academy, was 28-years-old at the time of his murder. When Schlesinger asked about the potential effects of the ban being lifted, Trail gave an answer that was very telling about his character. Madson was considered by his friends to be charismatic, outgoing, and a "peacemaker." He was the youngest of five children and by all accounts, the family was extremely tight-knit. Jeff Trail graduated from the U.S. The two went for dinner before going to a club, The Gay 90’s. During an anonymous 1993 interview hosted by Richard Schlesinger on the CBS show 48 Hours, Trail stated that his reasoning behind supporting the lift on the ban was that, “Gays are here in the military. The Assassination of Gianni Versace Insists He Did, The Assassination of Gianni Versace Stars Look Just Like Their Real Life Counterparts. Investigators believe that the two may have been romantically or sexually involved at some point.


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