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New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. [Help] Random ping spikes Hi all, I am currently using the discord client but lately I have been noticing random ping spikes, it goes from 15 ms to … Third Step If all else fails, just follow along what I did to fix it: Just make sure you switch on the VPN before you use it. save. A few days ago, this same issue came back and I ended up figuring out why: it was directly related to my NVIDIA drivers configuration which I had changed. In this post, I will present you three possible solutions that will most likely (there may be rare cases though) that SHOULD take away your lag and change your mind about Discord being the faulty one. That can be found in Settings>Appearance>Hardware Acceleration. While a majority of people find gaming as a waste of time, some find them amusing and refreshing for one’s mind. Playing games not only busts stress but also trains a gamer for real-world scenarios. First Step Disable "Hardware Acceleration" in your Discord configuration. when i talk using discord my ping goes high (6000) Close. Now discord will be displayed below browse box, click on options > Set to high performance and click Save. so i guess it's just a discord problem, gonna try to reinstall discord to fix this I have been trying to setup my discord bot on my vps but i am receiving extremely high ping. Usually, Discord will hit these kind of robotic voice issues when your ping is too high to the server you’re speaking on. And what if you have AMD? share. I am using virtually the exact same code to test this, other than the different variants of retrieving the bot's ping, and can see that the latency using the code below is very different between discord.js 11.4.2 and 12.0.0. I did a lot of researches and couldn't find a solution before, and God knows how much it had me in pain for not being able to chat with my friends while trying to hit all the headshots as Androxus in that god damn Talus that had me dead during the whole game (I lost 4-0 and yeah that was terrible). Speedify – the Faster Solution for Your Discord Connection Issues. 3. When I connect to discord via my phone using wifi on the same network there is no problem. Upgrading to version 12 of discord.js, I have noticed a huge jump in latency when performing Discord API calls. me too have the same problem with 5000ms ping but others can hear me fine but i hear them like robotic static that doesn't feel right and it happened 3 days, i already check my internet too but it's fine for example i play COD MW with discord opened and its run smoothly. Using Discord with a VPN is pretty much like using it without a VPN. Step 2: Run Discord in the browser or via the app. i started using the steam ingame voice chat and it works fine. Discord high ping can be because of many reasons but few major causes are a poor internet connection, bandwidth usage by other devices, or any issues with your device. Gaming is a perfect way to spend some quality time dedicated to ourselves. Heading first towards the list of requeriments, if you do not have a Graphics Card, step number three won't do, just follow the first two steps and cross your fingers (and best of luck). That can be found in Settings>Appearance>Hardware Acceleration. < > Showing 1-2 of 2 comments . If you aren’t the admin, send this article to an admin or moderator so that they can help you. How can you do the last steps then? Internet Connection Issues. Dad 30 de agosto de 2020 04:58; Editado; I'm having the same issue for 2 weeks now. Hey all, you guys haven't seen me around here before as I am much more of a reader than a poster. Bot is js and running on ubuntu 19.10. Step 2: Choose a VPN server close to a Discord voice server. Third Step If all else fails, just follow along what I did to fix it: In "Manage Settings" at "Global Configuration" set your preferred Graphics Processor to automatic (, Set your "Application Settings" for Discord to Integrated Graphics if that is the case for you (, Bonus Step for smarties tell ppl to throw their potato pc out of the window and go get a new one because of how much they are noobs. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. They sound roboty for me also a lot of the time. Discord is a voice, video and text communication service to talk and hang out with your friends and communities. 4 comments. Restart your Discord. Hello, so these past few weeks i wasn't able to play online games because of my high ping. when i talk using discord my ping goes high (6000) it's started 2 days ago and it's really strange but when i use discord i literally have no internet. If your Discord connection issues are due to slow Internet speeds, you can use Speedify to get a safer and faster connection. Speedify works by combining multiple connections. This will insure you get the best connection. This way, you will get a stable Internet connection that can also be faster. I have switched from 3 hosts and each host has the exact same ping issue, currently using linode. Why is my Ping so high: Train yourself in the game. Second Step Disable "Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority" in your Voice & Video settings, that can be found in Settings>Voice & Video>Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority. For some reason, my ping when using Discord is … Another major cause for high ping and discord sounds like robot voice issues. FIX #2:- Poor Internet Connection. You can change your voice server to something that is closer to you so that ping is reduced. Discord ping say i have 331ms and stable on around 300ms but on the CMD i have average below 100ms also when i gaming (CSGO , dota2) there is no problem with my connection but this discord ping annoy me , like when you play music with bot , it sounds terrible because this ping … 4. This can be a common reason for Discord lag. Click on browse which is below “Choose an app to set preference” and browse for discord app. Now you can create a Discord server, join existing servers, etc. Crazy high ping So I installed the desktop app after having bad connection issues in the browser. Discord high ping while in game my discord has been going crazy for the past week whenever i go in game my ping would sky rocket to a wopping 20,000 ping and my buddies who are in the server with me cant hear me any fixes? Every couple of seconds my ping shoots up to 800+ resulting in my team mates unable to make out what I'm saying....very roboty. I ended up formatting my computer and that seemed to fix it. Bot also disconnects and reconnects (no issues logged in console) but i assume the disconnecting is based on the ping. See you guys around! In real life, it does the same. To do this, you must be an admin of the server. help pls. But, a few months ago, I had this issue where whilst I would be in a voice-chat and in game at the same time, Discord - from my point of view, would cause an horrendous amount of lag that would just kill off my will of continueing to use it when playing. Press J to jump to the feed. First Step Disable "Hardware Acceleration" in your Discord configuration. Your place to talk. Considering my case, it was mostly efficient to follow first and third step, it fixed the issue for me. Archived. Really looking forward to some feedback, my hopes are up that nobody else experiences this same issue as I did anymore. Internet connections are … Second Step Disable "Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority" in your Voice & Video settings, that can be found in Settings>Voice & Video>Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority. Posted by 3 years ago.


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