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Castelvetrano olives are typically used for making olive oil but they've become popular recently as a table olive. Castelvetrano Olives 101 These memorable yet hard-to-find olives are imported from Castelvetrano, Sicily. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] Castelvetrano Olives have a distinct bright green hue DELICIOUS - Great for snacking right from the jar MEZZETTA - Great things come in … Castelvetrano olives will amp up your martini because they bring a little more flavor to the table and they have a delicious texture. Boasting a distinct green hue and a meaty, buttery flesh, new Mezzetta Castelvetrano Olives are … Giusto Sapore Italian Olives - Castelvetrano Pitted - Premium Gourmet GMO Free - Imported from Italy and Family Owned - 19.4oz. You can buy them with or without pits (with pits have the best … For Johnson, Castelvetrano olives are hands down the best cocktail olive in the world. If the olives appear "nuclear green" avoid them! “A sort of tree to the cocktail experience,” said Johnson. MEMORABLE - Hard-to-find olives are from Castelvetrano, Sicily. 3.7 out of 5 stars 63 $18.99 $ 18 . Cheers. 99 ($0.98/Ounce)


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