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When ordered you will be contacted with an expected delivery date or contact a St. John’s Music near you for more information. Here’s what Yamaha says about the FS3 Red Label Acoustic Guitar: The original Yamaha FS concert shape is a good fit for players who prefer a smaller body and slightly brighter sound to complement strumming and fingerpicking with 1960s aesthetics and modern craftsmanship culminating over 50 years of Yamaha guitar development. The Yamaha FS3 Red Label acoustic guitar boasts modern guitar building techniques to give you authentic vintage quality FG Concert guitar tone and style. $999.99. Item is out of stock. FS3 Red Label Concert Shape Yamaha Acoustic Guitar. With its sleek and comfortable Concert body style, the Yamaha Red Label FS3 artfully balances warmth and clarity, comfort and output. Don't let its size or price deceive you — the FS3 delivers a playing experience that holds its own against some industry heavyweights. Red Label Heritage First released in 1966, the Nippon Gakki Red Label FG acoustic guitar went on to become one of Yamaha's most iconic instruments. There may be delays due to the current global situation. Yamaha FS3 Red Label Acoustic Guitar w/Bag Inspired by Yamaha’s iconic Nippon Gakki Red Label guitars from the 1960s, FS Red Label instruments call to mind the look and feel of the company’s very first steel-string acoustic guitars. (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement) treated solid Sitka spruce top and scalloped top-bracing, which delivers a rich midrange and low frequency response as well as broken-in tone. These sought-after instruments are cherished for their one-of-a-kind sound and high-end Japanese craftsmanship. Yamaha's FS3 Red Label concert acoustic guitar features an A.R.E.


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