hot rods to hell truck arm suspension
Yeah, I think the quote from PHR was something like; the running joke in NASCAR is that the cars are basically a 1967 truck with an aerobody kit. What I've been able to surmise from all the posts is that the truck arm, although good, is used mainly for its all around set it and forget it properties and the fact that an IRS is expensive and hard to set up in the constraints of original car. Posted by Hotrods to Hell on Friday, March 18, 2016. The guy I know with one had to dump it out the side (was cool though). Upgraded front drum brakes to performing disc with a new power brake booster. Our 1963 Chevy II/Nova project gets its new Schwartz chassis and we massage the sheetmetal to fit the new drivetrain. I would imagine that it is in, at least part, due to the safety and performance that they can get from it. The truck arm setup is better than an IRS, or any other setup out there, because the company that is trying to sell the system to you says so. That being said... check your email. I welcome the input from those that are more in the know than me. In an effort to obtain quantifiable results we made a few passes down the streets of Burbank with our Tazo Vehicle Performance Computer. (by the way, the price steve quoted me is pretty much the same as an entire IRS system!). The HTH truckarm utilizes the same dual arm with coil springs that was pioneered in '60s-era NASCARs. Black primer and 22's and air.... Is that a good setup for a mostly street driven application you think? Just got back from Hotrods from Hell and Steve is claiming his rear end solution is the best. Call for more details on you application. 03-11-2006, 05:05 PM. All the major players provide viable alternatives. Regardless if you go with a Wayne Due IRS, HTH Truck-Arm, GW or Hotchkiss leafs, DSE 4link or leafs or Lateral Dynamics 3-link you will have a very nice rear suspension system that works WAAAAAY better than stock. Anyone want to tell me why this is not true? I would recommend it if you want a relatively simple rear end modification. With the help of the crew at Currie Enterprises, we knock out brake pad knockback with a floater rearend system from Baer. On Newstands Now, Article by John Nelson . LOL......DEAD???!!!??? Now if the question is will one handle better than another in an everyday driving environment, then the answer is probably not. Finally you can experience Speedway Motors’ G-Comp front suspension system turns a pedestrian 1968 Camaro into a hot-handling car on the street and an absolute beast on the track. Original Shows, Motorsports and Live Events, Due to the EU’s Global Data Protection Regulation, our website is currently unavailable to visitors from most European countries. I was thinking of doing all the DSE front stuff and then the HTH rear stuff... but using the AirRide gear to make the ride nice and easy to adjust. Here are some old photos of my set-up and exhaust. He says he has the exhaust issue sorted out. to drop us a line. Kits built for other vehicles are available That sort of suspension configuration does have some benefits. I just wanted to say that I enjoy my truck arm set-up and it has a great ride and great feed back. - Day Two Build Recap, Week To Wicked: 1955 Chevy – Day One Build Recap, Fitting a Modern, High-Performance Drivetrain in Your Early Chevy Nova, Speedway Motors’ G-Comp Unser Edition Rear Suspension Install, Installing a Baer Floater System on a 9-inch Rearend, Upgrading the Front Differential Bracket on a C2 1964 Corvette, Affordable Suspension and Brake Upgrade for Your Classic Chevy, Speedway Motors’ G-Comp Front Clip and Suspension Install on a 1968 Camaro. Unparalleled cornering ability, a plush I must admit that the AirBar has my eye too. Which company are you with, and what setups would you prefer to the truck-arm? - Day Four Build Recap, Week To Wicked: Two Days Left To Build our 1955 Chevy! First, Dennis does not have an HTH kit, nor does he have HTH Truckarms. It is extremely stable at high speeds as a result of the mounting location of the arms (there's a bunch of math to support that but it would take me days to type it) and it does a great job at dealing with sustained lateral loads like 1/2 mile long left handers. Hot Rods To Hell, in Burbank, California, has been retrofitting classic cars to center drive technology for over 10 years, so we hit them up for their insight on this system. 1963 to 1967 C2 Chevy corvette headlamp installation. Didn't you see the flames on the main board:rotfl. this way the packaging issues will be a non-issue for me. I didn't ask for much of an explaination at the time though. Hotrods To Hell, in Burbank, California, has been designing truckarm-style suspension for over 10 years to fit numerous Chevrolet makes and models. Or HTH vs AirBar? It seems like I remember them talking about working with those guys on some sort of solution. There is no question that there are many positive attributes to the setup, but there are also some pretty significant drawbacks in relative terms also, many of which are covered here but glossed over as being completely insignificant. Well, that fantasy may be closer to a reality than you ever expected, provided that you already have the 850hp small-block. novanutcase. Can you run coilovers with the truckarms.Id like to try them in my 72'malibu. Also, since 99% of the driving I will be doing is on the street I need to have a solution that is a set it and forget it type of solution. seems that after all the discussion I've pretty much made up my mind. Hell's Charger LaCarrera Nova . In fact, the basic principles are simpler than what is hidden under a box stock C5 Corvette! As far as tuning it, I will have to consult with him and others but I'm sure Wayne has a pretty good idea as to how it should go for my application (Mainly street!). Truck arms work the same as the popular ladder bars that many street rods use, the main difference is the material they're made from. So, when we say that the kit made our test Camaro handle like a slot car, we mean it! The design allows each wheel to travel independently without disturbing its counterpart. The Hotrods to Hell Centerdrive™ Truckarm kits bring technology developed every product that we make at our Corporate Headquarters located in Anderson California. Anyone want to tell me why this is not true? Sign Up today for our FREE Newsletter and get the latest articles and news delivered right to your inbox. The actual assemblage was simple and required basic air tools. Hey Dennis, Come to East Tennessee for the PForge pro-touring event and we'll show you around! :). > General Technical Discussion > Suspension > HotRods to Hell truck Arm Suspension. A. From what I've read, most who use it are pleased with the results. Unfortunately, not every company is forthright about disclosing the "dark side" of their setups. I'll bet the shipping weight of the complete HTH truck-arm kit is at least 200 lbs. Yeah, I think so... isn't that right gchandler? How does that stackup against any other system? Also, since the only thing moving on the rear is the A arms, the brakes and the wheels and not the entire rear it would seem that I would have better contact patch on the other side along with a quicker response in terms of getting the bouncing tire back on the road! Quiet driveline noise and weaknesses. While I was at the shop we did a 1964 Lincoln Continental for Pharrell Williams that had airbags and truckarm. For the average do-it-yourselfer, this suspension could be installed in about a week's time. I am really leaning towards an IRS system at this point. Thankfully, in my situation I think I will have Wayne Due bend me a frame and adapt an IRS to it. Cars have been done with airbags. G, Yes I do remember you. These All the cars that came out of that shop were made to work the best for what they were. 67SSdan - DO NOT EVEN WORRY ABOUT THIS! I'm no farther along at deciding what I want simply because there are so many cool things out there. I guess in my application I won't be driving as hard as Steve so I am still unconvinced as to why the truck arm is better than the IRS I have in mind. No one has implied that the truck-arm system is "bad”, not just that are better options. Busch Grand National®, Craftsman Super Truck® and IROC® drivers! So feel free We of course were fascinated when we heard about their F-body kit. Re: Hot Rods to Hell truck-arm rear suspension 03-24-04 02:29 PM - Post# 415924 In response to CoachF16 Well coach, this is being promoted by the mag that has reported performance numbers on the Art Morrison 55-57 chassis that some here have issues with. I know that Steve mentioned a bind point somewher in the travel but isn't that the principals upon which the truck arm works? I wonder how they did the exhaust. The installation process took approximately 35 man-hours, and required strong MIG welding skills. However I haven't autocrossed or driven on the open track yet. Just got back from Hotrods from Hell and Steve is claiming his rear end solution is the best. If you can use a welder, a tape measure and have a set of jackstands and a basic I am hoping to get my hands on a 64 too!!! What I want to know is why Truck Arm is better than IRS other than price? I don't have the number in front of me but the arms themselves are in the neighborhood of 50lbs/ea, plus all the PHB bracing, crossmembers, and brackets. Chevelle from Hell in Chevy High Performance Magazine. the ultimate live rear axle suspension formerly reserved for Winston Cup®, - Day Three Build Recap, Week To Wicked: Building a 1955 Chevy in 5 Days! Oh... BTW, I'd be willing to bet the exhaust solution was with those spintech mufflers. We apologize for this inconvenience and encourage you to visit. tool set you can install this kit in your garage. We have been building CenterDrive cars for over a decade and we are more then happy to answer any questions that you might have about our kits. rear suspension kit lets you have it all! Hotrods How does that stackup against any other system? As many are aware, the stock Gen I Camaros are prone to tremendous wheelhop off the line and are sloppy around the twisties. I'd be interested in to know the same thing. Replace C5/C6 Corvette halfshafts with GForce Performance Engineering Renegade or Outlaw axles. so that they can be installed by a do-it-yourselfer in one weekend. We install But up until now no one has told me why it is bad. I think that it bears to mention in the time that I worked at Hotrods to Hell we turned out cars with 3-links, 4 links (convergent upper arms as well as parallel with panhard), IRS, Torque Arms, leaf springs, satchel link, and torque tube. I think it is ironic that Steve very proudly proclaims that the truck-arm system never binds yet that is how it attains the roll stiffness that makes it a good system, you would think the "expert" in that design would be aware of how it works. But because it depends on the arms themselves to provide a sort of torsion/anti roll function it does not deal with rapid transitions as well as some other configurations. The stock suspension yielded a best 1/8-mile time of 9.450 at 78 mph. 4 link would be great but I don't have the time to be adjusting and readjusting to optimize it. Camaro Truck Arm Suspension - Armed And Dangerous, Set Your Chevelle Body on New Energy Suspension Polyurethane Mounts, Modernizing Your C1 or C2 Corvette with the Latest AME Chassis, Prepping our Roadster Shop Chassis for our 1971 Wagon Project, Week To Wicked: Did We Finish As Planned? The x-pipe is about 5"-6" off the ground. View Full Version : HotRods to Hell truck Arm Suspension. The suspension that sends Winston Cup cars hurtling around the oval is not as complicated as one might think. ride you won't believe, and at the drags this set up hooks hard and goes straight. It's not on my list of preffered suspensions for my Nova because of the necessary floor mods. He says he has the exhaust issue sorted out. The car is also being "driven" from a point that is further forward, hence the long control arms.


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