face mask neck strap

You can also buy a two-pack by clicking here! MN Your masks have met all my criteria. Yours are my favorite, hands down. As a Teacher in the state of Ohio, I’m required to be masked all day long. Like a lanyard or eyeglasses strap for a face mask. Super convenient and comfortable! Buy from here . “At Donnelly, we are very excited about working with Bremer Bank and happy to provide a resource for students, educators and faculty that will help them feel a little extra comfort while wearing masks throughout the day,” said Ron Kirscht, Donnelly Custom Manufacturing president. We had a few others with us as well and all kept going back to our NAK, we’ll be ordering more for the next trip and back to school.”, “Thank you for a FANTASTIC mask style! There is not a single thing I would change. Let's face it. The cut fits the nose without encroaching on the eyes, which is my biggest annoyance with other mask designs.”, “At first the mask felt small (I ordered the standard size) but after a few uses, I realized my other masks had a lot of extra fabric which made the NAK mask seem tight. Adjustable design to fit my specific face (most one-size-fits-all adult masks are too big) Straps so that it can hang around my neck when I’m on a mask break .

The Flex back viewed tied. It is great for people who have sensitive ears or wear hearing aids. I like that there is only one strap to fiddle with, that I can hang it on my neck all day, and that even if I don’t tighten it all the way, it stays on my face well through hooking it on my ears but not pulling on my ears. This mask has adjustable ear loops, machine-washable, and has a strap around the neck so you have it close when you need it! It is great they allow me to talk easily.”, “I have had no problems with the face mask.

Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. Fits any face mask. One size fits all. (Does not come with a face mask.). I think the fit is better than any mask I've found. The Flex goes around the ears like traditional masks. I would not change a thing about the masks. We will most likely be wearing masks for quite a while longer, so I love that you offer so many varieties. It adjusts at the back of the head with a slider bead. 11. NAK masks are light enough. (Contributed), From left to right, Ron Kirscht with Donnelly Custom Manufacturing, Rick Sansted with Alexandria Public Schools and Tony Loosbrock with Bremer Bank stand next to boxes of neck straps that were delivered to Alexandria area schools Wednesday, Sept. 23. 8 Pcs Fashion Adjustable Face Mask Lanyard Strap, Convenient Safety Mask Holder. My other favorite part is the sling back. Thank you again for such a solid product. Thank you so much for making such a smart design!”, “Thank you so much for creating such fantastic masks. It’s flexible like that. Without elastic pulling on your ears, these straps adjust gently around your ears. I really like the single head strap. Alexandria, Works like a lanyard or sunglasses strap for your face mask. Convenient hanging strap for kids and adults. I even let my husband have one for errands and he’s a fan as well. Yours have been the best! The Swoosh fits high on the nose and wraps under the chin so it won’t drift as you talk. This is the only way we have of letting you know when we have a mask sale. I have sent friends, co-workers, relatives, and random strangers to you for masks. I love how convenient it is to wear the mask and then be able to wear it around my neck so that I don't have to hold it or put it down somewhere.”, “We purchased 2 of your single strap sling masks and it is, by far, the first mask I grab when I have to leave my home. The Swoosh strap can be worn high on the head so it doesn’t interfere with hearing aids. Fun prints . We live in southern FL where it is hot and humid. The Swoosh does not rely on the ear to anchor it. Learn more here. Finding masks that work for us hasn’t been easy. My husband and I have asthma, and my son has autism with sensory processing disorder. Got kids? This strap has clips on the end to clip to your mask so it can hang on your neck like a lanyard when you aren’t using it!

The Flex M820 side view untied. Kids may choose to decorate and personalize their neck straps by writing their name, drawing or coloring on the strip of plastic. We designed this face mask to be comfortable for the kids, and convenient for the parents! Sep 17, 2020 - Never forget your mask, use our face mask neck strap, and hang it around your neck. I also love that they are smaller, but still properly cover my nose and mouth.”, “I am beyond satisfied with the NAK masks! Take your face mask on and off easily and hang it around your neck when not in use. Promote Face Mask Friend to your audience. I am working on having one for every day of the week!”. (Contributed), 225 7th Ave E,

Available in Black, White, Gray, Pink, Blue or Red. Adjustable Face Cover Ear Strap Convenient Reusable Fashion Edition.

Convenient hanging strap for kids and adults. This style comes with the “sportsbridge” included. Your mask does none of these things! “These neck straps are a wonderfully useful tool in helping our students feel more comfortable and focused while wearing their face masks during the school day.”. Perfect solution for kids who are constantly adjusting, dropping or losing their face mask. I love that I can hang it around my neck. Simply snap it on to any mask you own and hang it around your neck. Send us an Email817 W Peachtree St NW #315 Atlanta, GA 30308.


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