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We all read and discover different things in literature. An editor Doctor Zhivago literature essays are academic essays for citation. Yuri Andreievich Zhivago (YEW-ree ahn-DREH-yeh-vihch zhih-VAH-goh), the protagonist. We are thankful for their contributions and encourage you to make your own. Yuri Zhivago, the protagonist of Doctor Zhivago, is a doctor and writer who … After his father's exile to Siberia, he lives with the Tiverzins (Kuprian). Did Boris Pasternak accomplish his goals in Doctor Zhivago?Did Boris Pasternak accomplish his... Pasternak was convinced that the ideals to which the Russian Revolution professed to follow had become twisted under Stalin rule. Misha Gordon. Yuri Zhivago. Evgraf Andreievich Zhivago, a Major-General, is Yuri's half-brother. Amalia Karlovna's daughter and Yury's lover. Pasternak was very close to this... How would you discuss the scene between the Russian officer and Dr. Shivago? Yuri Andreievich Zhivago Yuri Andreievich Zhivago (YEW -ree ahn- DREH -yeh-vihch zhih- VAH -goh), the protagonist. Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. I wouldn't cite illness as a theme, but if you find a connection I'd use it. The son of a once-wealthy man who became an alcoholic and committed suicide. Yuri is the son of Andrei Zhivago, a profligate, and Maria Nikolaievna Zhivago. She dies when he is a small boy. Tonya's father and a wealthy friend of Yury's. Also critical of the film was The Guardian's Richard Roud, who wrote: "In the film the revolution is reduced to a series of rather annoying occurrences; getting firewood, finding a seat on a tra… This question involves two separate episodes, so I will try to address both of them. As young people, Yurii Andreievich Zhivago and Misha Gordon, son of a lawyer, live with the Gromekos. He is a capable man, not devoid of feeling for Lara and concerned, in his way, with saving her from harm. After you claim a section you’ll have 24 hours to send in a draft. In Boris Pasternak's novel, the principal confrontation between Zhivago and Strelnikov (whose real name is Pavel... will help you with any book or any question. She marries her childhood sweetheart, Pasha Antipov, and settles with him in Yuryatin, her birthplace. Relations change as Yuri and Tonia mature, and Tonia becomes Zhivago’s wife. These associations are important in the formation of Yuri Zhivago’s character and interests. He joins the army and is captured. Nikolai Nikolaievich Vedeniapin (Uncle Kolia) is Yuri’s maternal uncle. Katenka Antipova is a daughter of Larissa and Pavel Antipov. A former railway strike leader who becomes a leader in the Red Army. Savelievich and his mother, (Marfa Gavrilovna), another revolutionary family of railway workers. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Doctor Zhivago. How does paragraph 6 mainly add to the development of Mr. White? will review the submission and either publish your submission or provide feedback. Alexander Alexandrovich Gromeko is professor-agronomist, Antonina's father. It is Pasha's gift from Yury before he (Pasha) takes his own life. He is extremely bright and is idealistic about revolution and the establishment of a new order. After they are finally separated, again by circumstances, Lara bears Yuri’s child. Mikhail Gordon is a philologist, a classmate at the gymnasium and Zhivago's best friend, Liverius Averkievich Mikulitsyn (Comrade Forest) - leader of the "Forest Brothers", Marina is the third, not registered, wife of Yuri, Shura Schlesinger is Antonina Alexandrovna's friend, attorney, Marfa Gavrilovna Tiverzina is a mother of Kipriyan Savelevich Tiversin, Emma Ernestovna is a housekeeper, she runs the farm Komarovsky, Konstantin Illarionovich Satanidi is an actor and gambler, Rufina Onisimovna Voyt-Voytkovskaya is the landlord of Lara, a lawyer, the wife of a political exile, Lyudmila Kapitonovna Chepurko is a mother of Tusi Chepurko, was preparing Lara's wedding with Pasha, "a good singer and a terrible inventor", Lavrenty Mikhailovich Kologrivov has attached Lara to the educator of his daughter. A friend of Yury's who witnessed the elder Zhivago's suicide. He marries Lara and the two move to the Urals together to teach school. Her parents came to Russia from Western Europe (France and Belgium), but Lara is thoroughly Russianized and might be thought of as the author’s ideal Russian woman. Chapter 3: Christmas Party at the Sventitskys, Chapters 10-11: The Highway and Forest Brotherhood, Chapter 13: Opposite the House of Caryatids. Bosley Crowther of The New York Times felt that the film's focus on the love story between Zhivago and Lara trivialized the events of the Russian Revolution and the resulting Russian Civil War, but was impressed by the film's visuals. Our summaries and analyses are written by experts, and your questions are answered by real teachers. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. Pavel (Pasha) Pavlovich Antipov (PAH-vyehl PAH-vloh-vihch ahn-TIH-pov), the husband of Lara, whom he admires intensely in his student days. Tonia has all the good qualities one might expect in the daughter of civilized, educated people. Suicide is a theme of Doctor Zhivago. So much of it is devoted to love, beauty, and the pursuit of both that it seems that these forces are more of... Could you tell me some themes and metaphors that can be found in the novel Doctor Zhivago, by... One theme is the effect of revolution on the common man. Mother of Lipa and wife of Kologrigov. this section. They are later reunited in Yuriatin, east of the Ural mountains, where Zhivago has fled with his family during the revolution. Lara's brother. In his revolutionary activities, he is single-minded and ruthless; he is known as Strelnikov (the shooter). I think Yury takes pity on Pasha. Innokentii Dudorov (Nika), son of Dementii Dudorov, a revolutionary terrorist, and a Georgian princess. Creatively gifted hero of the novel seeks to pursue his own business - healing not only human bodies, but also hearts. Yuri's poems are support and confirmation of hopes and belief in the long-awaited enlightenment and liberation of the individual. A lawyer who drove the elder Zhivago to suicide. I'm sorry, Dr.Zhivago does not include a character by the name of Mr. White. He becomes a teacher. The main theme in Dr. Zhivago is impossible love. During the Russian Revolution, Dr. Yuri Zhivago (Omar Sharif) is a young doctor who has been raised by his aunt and uncle following his father's suicide. He preys on the young Lara. Marina Shchapov (mah-REE-nah SHCHAH -pov), the daughter of the former porter at the... Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this Doctor Zhivago study guide and get instant access to the following: You'll also get access to more than 30,000 additional guides and 300,000 Homework Help questions answered by our experts. Yuri Zhivago is then reared by a maternal uncle, Nikolai Vedeniapin, a liberal journalist and intellectual who is the first character to express something like Christian idealism. Lara serves as her governess until Lipa graduates from school. An Adulterous Love Affair During the Russian Revolution, View Wikipedia Entries for Doctor Zhivago…. Late in the novel, it is hinted that he encourages a separation between Lara and Tanya, her daughter by Zhivago. A revolutionary who helps the Zhivagos when they are in Varyniko. Mikulitsin's son and a leader of the partisan army. She is quite beautiful and susceptible to passion, which compromises her when she is little more than a girl. Anna Ivanovna Gromeko is the mother of Antonina. Zhivago is dark and not particularly handsome. The title character and protagonist of the novel. He is presumed dead but later returns, using the pseudonym Strelnikov. She is a composed, polished young woman who is nevertheless capable of strong emotion, endurance, and resourcefulness. She has a daughter, Katya. A lawyer in czarist Russia, he is able to manage various difficulties after the revolution. Lara is the sister of mercy, wife of Antipov, Pavel (Pasha) Pavlovich Antipov (Strelnikov) is Lara's husband, revolutionary commissar, he is the son of a railway worker, Pavel Ferapontovich Antipov. Yury Andreyevich Zhivago. Antonina Aleksandrovna Zhivago (Gromeko) is a lawyer, the wife of Yuri Antonina Alexandrovna Gromeko (Tonia). Please discuss it. © 2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. He knows neither will probably see each other again so he tells him that Lara loved him. Dr. Zhivago. He attends a military academy and becomes a soldier. He joins the White Army. The influence of his uncle impels him toward poetry, and the influence of Gromeko toward medicine. He is passive and idealistic, sustained through the chaos of Russia in the 1920’s by the women, stronger than himself, who love him. Not affiliated with Harvard College. He is more convincing as a poet and idealist than as a doctor. Yuri (Yura) Andreevich Zhivago – a doctor and a poet, is the main character of the novel. Zhivago is a doctor during the war, and Lara is a nurse who works with him. Upon its initial release, Doctor Zhivago was criticized for its romanticization of the revolution. Yuri falls in love with beautiful Lara Guishar (Julie Christie), who has been having an affair with her mother's lover, Victor Komarovsky (Rod Steiger), an unscrupulous businessman. Like Zhivago, she makes a good and sensible marriage, hers to Pavel Antipov (Pasha), but is then permanently separated from her husband by World War I and the revolution that follows. He becomes a famous writer and settles in Switzerland but later returns to Russia. Doctor Zhivago Favorite Movie Button Overview; Movie Times + Tickets; Synopsis; Movie Reviews; More. Yuri (Yura) Andreevich Zhivago. He enters World War I and becomes involved with the Bolsheviks after the revolution begins. I have a tough time buying the idea that suicide is a theme of Pasternak's work. Antonina (Tonia) Alexandrovna Gromeko (ahn-TOH-nih-nah ah-lehk-SAHN-drov-nah groh-MEH-koh), the daughter of Alexander and Anno Gromeko. Nikolay Nikolayevich Vedenyapin (Kolya) Nicky Dudorov. Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. Yury's uncle. Zhivago becomes a doctor and a writer and serves in World War I. After his mother's death, Yury was cared for by his uncle Kolya. Later, in his school years, Yuri lives in the home of Alexander Gromeko, a chemistry professor with a wealthy, good-hearted, physically frail wife and daughter. Antipov is strong, but he commits suicide. Yuri Zhivago meets her when he is a schoolboy living in the Gromeko home. Victor Ippolitovich Komarovsky (ee-poh-LIH-toh-vihch koh-mah-ROV-skee), a complicated man who seduces Lara while she is a teenager and he is the lover of Lara’s mother. Doctor Zhivago Character List. Doctor Zhivago is a fictionalized account of Russia's transformation to communism and the Soviet Union. Larisa Feodorovna Guishar. Doctor Zhivago study guide contains a biography of Boris Pasternak, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. The Question and Answer section for Doctor Zhivago is a great The son of a once-wealthy man who became an alcoholic and committed ... Marya Nikolayevna Zhivago. Osip Gimazetdinovich Galiullin (Yusupka), son of Gimazetdin, the janitor at the Tiverzins ' tenement; he is a Moslem. Visit to buy new and used textbooks, and check out our award-winning NOOK tablets and eReaders. Victor Ippolitovich Komarovsky was Andrei Zhivago's lawyer and is Madame Guishar's lover and adviser. The son of a railway worker. GradeSaver, 16 January 2018 Web. He marries Tonya, and they have two children, but he falls in love with Lara while working in a military hospital. He possesses intelligence that shows in his features. The soul of Yuri is receptive to goodness, harmony, beauty, and, at the same time, he sensitively reacts to historical events.


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