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Jungle Cubs: Arthur and Cecil • The Croc • Mahra • Benny and Clyde • Ned, Jed & Fred • Mungo • Leah • Cain • Dholes • Winifred's Uncle • McCoy • Dictator Turtle • Whitehood Sassy | Ballerina | 8. Vidia | During the havoc, one of the ancient temples collapses. Blade Ranger | Baloo then takes Mowgli back to his cave and tells him to help him gather honey in exchange for saving his life. Deleted: "Brothers All" • "The Song of the Seeonee" • "Monkey See, Monkey Do" • "I Knew I Belonged to Her" • "In A Day's Work" • "The Mighty Hunters" • "I've Got You Beat" • "Braver", Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition: Iron Man • Captain America • Hulk • Black Widow • Thor Odinson • Hawkeye • Nick Fury • Loki Laufeyson • Maleficent • Merida • Spider-Man • Venom • Iron Fist • Nova • Green Goblin • Rocket Raccoon • Groot • Star-Lord • Gamora • Drax the Destroyer • Stitch • Tinker Bell • Aladdin • Jasmine • Donald Duck • Baymax • Hiro Hamada • Falcon • Yondu • Sam Flynn • Quorra After Louie is seemingly killed by the collapsing temple, Mowgli asks on the fate of Akela, revealed to him by Louie, and angrily decides to run away and face Shere Khan when he finds out that it is true. Varian | When the player visits him early in the game, Baloo is waiting for Mowgli to return when he grows an appetite. Baloo actually means "bear" in Hindi, so in a way, Baloo is named after his own species. Travis Coates | Maui | In "Goofy's Menu Magic", Baloo is one of the many guests to openly enjoy Goofy's magical soup. Master Eraqus | Miss Eglantine Price | Ratatouille: Remy • Linguini Anna Coleman | Baloo tries to stop him but Bagheera tells him to let the boy have it his way. Ursula Stanhope | When they are discovered, Baloo and Bagheera fight the monkeys off while Mowgli hides from Louie. Hercules: Hercules • Meg • Pegasus • Hades • Phil • Zeus Kiara | The Emperor of China | King Triton | Baloo concedes and sadly agrees to take Mowgli to the Man Village. Mouse | Also, the name sloth can be used in the context of sleepiness. He is a fun-loving, easygoing, and good-natured sloth bear who becomes the best friend of a "man-cub" named Mowgli. Athos | Zazu (2019) | He also happens to be on the stern side, especially when he confronts the bees as he steals their honey, and when he established a summer camp for young Simba and his friends. While Disney's Baloo was fun-loving, laid-backed, friendly and easygoing, Kipling's Baloo was strict, no-nonsense, knowledgeable and short-tempered. Valiant | Edmund Pevensie | Ariel | Huey, Dewey, and Louie | Sleeping Beauty: Aurora • Phillip • Maleficent • Flora • Fauna • Merryweather • Diablo • Samson • King Stefan • Goon • Owl • Rabbit During the journey, Baloo breaks the news gently to Mowgli that he must take him to the Man Village, much to Mowgli's shock. In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, Baloo makes an appearance in the Dahl Engineering Corridors. In the 2016 film, Bagheera acknowledges that Baloo is a sloth bear. Glowworm | Together, Baloo, Mowgli, and Shanti attempt to confuse Khan by banging on gongs, until Shanti's collapses. Following the plan, Baloo proceeds to scare Shanti. Baloo appeared as a townsperson in the 2.0 edition of the game. Plio | Mary Poppins: Mary Poppins • Bert, Matterhorn Bobsleds: Abominable Snowman In a later tussle against soldiers working for Captain William Boone, the main villain, Baloo is shot and left for dead, but Mowgli finds him and locates Dr. Julius Plumford to save his life. He is also somewhat wiser compared to his 1967 counterpart, although still laid-back like him. Feeling angry and regretful for what Baloo had done, Mowgli rushes off the find Shanti and Ranjan. Kala | Eeyore (2018) | Baloo appears in the bubble sequence and the riverboat finale in Disney's Hollywood Studios' version of Fantasmic!. Mowgli (2016) | As a result, the bank foreclosed on Baloo's mortgage and repossessed his business. Mulan: Mulan • Yao, Ling, and Chien Po • Fa Li • Fa Zhou • Hayabusa • Khan • Cri-Kee • Little Brother • Mushu • Shan Yu • Captain Li Shang • The Emperor of China • The Matchmaker • General Li • Grandmother Fa • First Ancestor Fa • Chi-Fu • Great Stone Dragon After Bagheera departs, Baloo and Mowgli head to King Louie's Palace, which to the jungle animals is a popular hot spot, to hide. In the morning, Baloo wakes Mowgli up, and they say goodbye to Bagheera as they begin their journey to the village. Mowgli slaps Baloo's nose and tells him to go away and leave him alone. Baloo became a popular character after the success of the Disney films. Coco: Miguel Rivera • Héctor • Dante • Imelda • Pepita • Alebrije Dante • Ernesto it:Baloo pl:Baloo Vitani | When he throws the torch away and Shere Khan readies to attack, Baloo, Bagheera and Mowgli's wolf family led by his adoptive mother, Raksha, intervene and fight him. Madeline Robin | In the episode "When Chaos Comes Calling" of Aladdin, Genie turns into Baloo and flies in the skies of Agrabah with the Zingalow. He was inspired by the bear of the same name in the 1894 novel by Rudyard Kipling. Aside from King Louie, Baloo is the only animal character to walk on two legs in the film. You are elegant, sophisticated, and stylish in appearance and behavior. He’s cuddly and approachable.How wonderful would it be if everyone were as approachable as Baloo? Sergeant Tibbs | Ting-Ting, Su, and Mei | Tod | Peter Pan: Tinker Bell • Peter Pan • Captain Hook • Wendy • Nana • Smee He now meets frequently in Karibuni Marketplace. Chicken Little: Chicken Little As Mowgli makes contact with the girl, Baloo begins to worry about what might become of their friendship. Peg Pete | Iridessa | Ironically, it is an interesting comparison with a real sloth bear and the fun-loving, completely harmless Baloo. Just look at how he turned a palm tree into a back scratcher! He is also depicted in this series as wearing glasses and, like his Disney self, as a tall and obese sloth bear with a bipedal gait. These transformations here are a reference to TaleSpin. Gladstone Gander | Oliver | The Good Dinosaur: Arlo Bagheera, Baloo and Mowgli arrive at the Man Village. The match continues and Mowgli is finally able to fight properly. Hiro Hamada | He gives the best advice a man-cub could ask for, has a groovy singing voice, and is cooler than we could ever hope to be. Real sloth bears don't have opposable thumbs. Data-Naminé | Lulubelle | He roars. Dodger | Einstein | Baloo disguises himself as an orangutan and dances with Louie while Bagheera attempts to grab Mowgli unnoticed. John Darling | Hiram Flaversham | Baloo shouts for Bagheera. Chiro | Here, he has also light gray prints on his foot soles, which in his adult counterpart hasn't. Berlioz | Chance | Nick Wilde | Eric | Ocean | Pete's Dragon: Elliott He is a fun-loving, easygoing, and good-natured sloth bear who becomes the best friend of a "man-cub" named Mowgli. Firework: Celebrate the Magic • Celebrate! Bagheera (2016) | The live-action Baloo in Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. Sara Jean Reynolds | Thomas | Mowgli | Baloo | Bagheera | Akela | Raksha | Kaa, Movies He asks Mowgli, who he tries to convince by singing "I Wanna Be Like You". Baloo lives in Cape Suzette, where he ran his own air-freight shipping company, Baloo's Air Service. Larry the Anaconda | Mulan: Mulan • Yao, Ling, and Chien Po • Fa Li • Fa Zhou • Hayabusa • Khan • Cri-Kee • Little Brother • Mushu • Shan Yu • Captain Li Shang • The Emperor of China • The Matchmaker • General Li • Grandmother Fa • First Ancestor Fa • Chi-Fu • Great Stone Dragon In the sequel, Baloo is more social than ever and feels his life is somewhat empty without Mowgli, the only one who truly understood him. Turning our world to be a better place to live fascinates you. 1967 feature-length animated film adaptation of, the 1994 Disney live-action film version of, the 2016 Disney live-action film version of, Mowgli: The New Adventures of the Jungle Book, "Hindi Translation of "bear" | Collins English-Hindi Dictionary", "We don't wanna be like you: how Soviet Russia made its own, darker Jungle Book",, Characters in British novels of the 19th century, Articles to be expanded from December 2018, Featured articles needing translation from Italian Wikipedia, Articles needing translation from Italian Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.


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